Funny Story

Once upon a time, there girl who was almost done with her first semester at college. Let's call her Lauren. One morning, she accidentally hit the snooze button one time too many and was running about ten minutes behind. She jumped out of bed and on her bike to head off to her 8:00 Arabic class (yes, she was a silly freshman and decided to take Arabic her first semester of her first year in college. And decided it would be a good idea to take this at 8 in the morning). She, being the really smart girl that she is, decided to jump the curb. However, in her early morning rush she had forgotten that the paved road leading onto campus was not so paved anymore because of the silly construction.

She didn't realize that after the pavement jump was a gravel pit. And She. Fell. Off. Her. Bike. She, the eighteen year old college student who has been riding a bike for 75% of her life, fell off her bike. Not only was it not a gentle little topple, but no. It was a faceplant. In front of 20 other college kids running off to class as well as 10 construction workers. No one stopped to help, no one seemed worried that she was gushing  blood out of her knee and hand. Nope! The students walking by decidedly didn't look in her direction and the construction workers were blatently looking and laughing at the poor college student who couldn't figure out how to ride a bike.

This girl was running late so she couldn't go home and change out of her blood-stained jeans or wash off her hands. So she came running into class 10 minutes late with blood on her hands and construction dust all over her jacket and had to explain to an entire class of upperclassmen about how she couldn't ride a bike. And not only did she have to explain this embarrassing moment, but she had to explain it in Arabic. And she mixed up the words for bike and car. So she ended up telling the class that she fell out of her car and cut herself. Which is even more pathetic than falling off a bike.

The End.


  1. OUCH. At least you didn't mix up the words for bike and...I don't know...pencil or something. Come home. We'll get those scrapes all fixed up. xo

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